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Drinking Water Sterilisation

Trailer-mounted Water Purification Unit

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The Aqua-Cura chemical free water sterilisation units are stand-alone self-contained and lockable units.

They are easy to operate and can be rapidly deployed in favourable conditions, within one hour, to provide drinking water to about 1000 people per day.

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We now offer the choice of a solar-, diesel- or petrol-powered unit.

We are passionate about pure water, believing it should always be a necessity, and never a luxury.

Aqua-Cura is currently involved in water purification projects in India, Western Africa, and Congo.

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About Aqua-Cura

Over the previous 3 years, we have developed a water sterilising unit that can destroy bacteria, viruses and hydro toxins, without the use of any chemicals.

How It Works

The units are mobile, self-contained and easy to operate. They can be rapidly deployed to provide drinking water to up to 1000 people per day.