About The Units



We now offer the choice of a solar-, diesel- or petrol-powered unit.

How It Works

The trailer-mounted mobile water sterilisation units are standalone, self-contained and lockable units which are easy to operate and can be rapidly deployed, to provide drinking water to up to 1000 people per day. These units are electronically controlled to minimise unnecessary human error.

Our Unit Specifications

  • These units are powered by either petrol or diesel generator-sets, or our new solar driven system.
  • The basic system sterilises by killing and removing bacteria and viruses in the water, providing the community with safe, clean drinking water at a very low cost.
  • There are additional options available for removing toxic metals such as arsenic and mercury from any water source.
  • The unit will only operate effectively with a neutral pH water.
  • In situations where the source water pH is over or under neutral, we can provide equipment to overcome the problem.
  • The system is totally modular and can be customised according to requirements in any given area.
  • The existing units produced 500 L drinking water per hour.
  • Custom options such as diesel or petrol generator sets, solar, toxic metal filtration and static skid mounted systems can be ordered as required.


How To Maintain A Unit


Maintenance is very low. The only day-to-day running cost is fuel. Water is drawn from a sweet water source and is circulated through a series of filters including a carbon filter.

Then it is circulated through our patent pending steriliser which destroys and removes organic matter from the water and provides fully treated and sterilised drinking water.

Minimal operator training is required. These units are electronically controlled to minimise unnecessary human error.

Before And After Result Of Contaminated Water:

Test Results

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